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How much longer do you really want to keep putting this ‘content’ thing off?

Authentic, SEO-driven Toronto website content creation, ready in a week. A complete package that sets you free to focus on what you’re really good at – running your business.


Don’t leave yours up to chance.


can only get you so far

Toronto Website Content Writing

but you already know this.

Adding ‘wordsmith’ to your resume is not as easy as you estimated. I understand.

Fantastic copywriting takes time and years of practice to master. Good thing I’ve spent years honing my content writing skills. As a skilled Toronto website content writer, I have just the recipe that will turn your product or service into marketing gold.

To that, I add my SEO know-how, solid conversion strategy and careful consideration to the entire sales process.

The end result is beautiful website copy that converts.

Great marketing content will turn your website into an automated sales machine that will:

keep you from wasting your money on advertising (SEO-optimization galore!)

save you from spending your time attracting the wrong clients

turn qualified leads directly into your next customers

absolve you from having to figure out how to DIY yet another part of your business!

Website content
In a Week

My Express Website Copy Service, custom tailored for small business owners, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Can I have complete website content in just one week?

You bet!

My well-honed researching, editing, and revision process means you will be ready to launch your new website in one short week.

What This Is

A hands-off website content creation service from a seasoned Toronto copywriter

A deep dive into your brand’s voice, so your content can showcase the true value of your offer

Original, unique brand stories that reflect who you are and what you want to share with the world

Content that directly addresses your ideal customer’s needs and concerns

Real copy that humanizes your brand and connects

What This is Not

A turnkey do-in-yourself “website content” template that you have to figure out how to use yourself

An invitation to learn how to write your own content (haven’t you tried this already?)

Pages and pages of general, mediocre content that has nothing to do with your brand or vision (If that is your goal, Fiverr has you covered)

AI-written content (all my content is 100% original)

Here’s how I’ll deliver your

Complete Website Copy in a Week

My process for Website Content in a Week is like a finely tuned machine. This is how I can accomplish so much in one short week.

Content Copywriter Tools

First thing’s first: Connect with ME through MY Contact page or call ME directly. We’ll have a conversation and see how I can help you meet your website copywriting goals.


After we have agreed to work together, I send you a questionnaire to get to know you and your business better.

Once you return the questionnaire, we’ll have a call to hash out any important details and get deeper into the vision and purpose of your brand.

Research and Preparation

I dive into the research portion of our project: your competitors, your brand and vision, and everything else that sets you apart.


This marks the official start of our Week of Work – everything before this point is research and planning.

Now I get down to business. I take all the research I have collected and turn it into word and sales magic. I provide you with the first draft in a google doc or wireframe template.

Editing and Revising

After you review my first draft, I continue revising until we are both satisfied with the results. I always include 2x revisions in our rates.

Finish Line!

Once I receive the final balance for your project, I deliver your completed content in google doc or wireframe format, for easy integration into your design.

Nothing feels better

than praise for good work

Our gardening and plant sales website went from being an old, forgotten part of our business, to being the hardest worker on our team. Sales increased by 240% after a month and a half of our new website’s launch.

Now we are getting orders directly through our website on a daily basis, which before was unheard of. Super happy to have made this investment.

– Jen Gyselinck –

Okay, this content creation service is exactly what I want!

What’s the investment?

Website Content in A Week

Full Package Cost


Can I make additions to the Website Content in a Week Package?

You most certainly can, but it will increase the scope, timeline and cost of this package.

If what you need is content for a larger or more complex website, you will be better served by my Full Website Content Service.

The Full Deliverables

and then some

5 pages of quality website copy

Included: Home Page, About Page, 2 Service Pages or your choice of 5 pages

Complimentary pages: 404, Contact Page

optimized title tags and meta descriptions

I start you off towards SEO-driven copy by doing keyword research and optimizing the basics for all the pages I deliver to you.

wireframe or google doc delivery

Your final copy is delivered either in wireframe format or a google doc, whatever is easier for your designer to work with and implement in your website layout.

design collaboration

I am happy to work with your designer in implementing the copy I deliver. Alternatively, if you also need a website design, take a look at my Custom Website Design service.

2 rounds of revisions

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with what we’ve accomplished together. Usually, there are very few changes to be made!

Still have questions?

I have answers

What types of businesses do you normally work with?

Typically, I’ve worked with small service and product based businesses, as well as entrepreneurs (coaches, mentors, healers, jewellery makers).

What is the difference between your Website Copy in a Week package and your Website Content service?

My Website Copy in a Week package is custom-tailored for a 5-page website (plus 404 and Contact page). The copy-written content is a condensed version of what I create in my fully custom Website Content service. If you need a more robust website with more thorough content, I recommend our Website Content service.

Although I can tell you that for most small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Website Copy in a Week package is perfect.

Can we chat more before I commit to having your write my website copy?

For sure. Send me a quick email or fill out my contact form, and we will schedule a complementary 15-min call to answer any questions or concerns you have.

Will I be able to edit my website content after?

Absolutely. Once you purchase my content, it’s yours to do with as you please. I will deliver your copy in wireframe or google doc format and can work with your designer to implement it into your website.

Do you only offer website content and copywriting? I’m in need of something else.

For sure! I can also write sales pages, emails, funnels, and make you a custom website as well. Connect with me if you need something that is not listed here and I’ll do my best to help. If I don’t offer something, perhaps I can connect you with someone who can help.

Can you make me a single-page website or landing page?

Of course. This can be done on a day rate basis.

Do you offer payment plans?

I sure do! I require a 25% deposit on my services upon sign up (to secure your spot, as I usually get booked up a couple of months in advance), another 25% on the Friday before the start of your project and the remainder due upon completion.

How far in advance should I book your services?

Hopefully, you’ve arrived here with a little time to spare. I am often booked in advance for larger projects. That being said, once in a while I get a cancellation, so it’s worth checking in with me.

Depending on the scope of your project, I may only need a few days of prep time to dive into your company, or a few weeks. For example, if you only need a one page website, it will be easier to find an empty spot in my calendar, and I can get to work fairly quickly. Whereas, if you need complete Website Content services, you will want to connect with me well before the time you need your website to be up and running.

Can you also make my website?

I would love to. Take a look at my Custom Website Design packages.

As an added bonus, your content and website will be seamlessly integrated, without you having to do anything at all.


Are you ready to start your copywriting or web design project, or looking to find our more about my availability?

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