Toronto Dog Walks:
Website Design and Complete Content

Type of Project

wordpress website

Toronto Dog Walks is a dog walking and pet care company in Toronto. They have been in business for over a decade, and needed a fresh, updated website that reflects their team’s professional, but friendly demeanor.


Toronto Dog Walks is one of several large dog walking and pet sitting companies covering the Toronto and GTA area. Since they are in a somewhat competitive field, they need to be able to leverage organic search results to save money on client acquisition. Although they are willing to use search ads for busy periods, they cannot solely rely on them.

There is a higher rate of turnover in the pet care industry than average, which means that Toronto Dog Walks needs to have a steady stream of new clients arriving to their digital door. Signing up new clients on a regular basis is what feeds their team of employees regular work and keeps the company running smoothly.


The first step we concerned ourselves with is creating a large enough website, with enough relevant content to appeal to search engines and get Toronto Dog Walks on the first page of Google. We wrote one page of content for each service and additional FAQ pages to address common questions and concerns from potential clients. Additional pages were created detailing company information and photos of the pets in their care. This proved successful, as TDW is now ranking very well for its most sought after keywords.

The website design itself is clean, modern and uses the company’s existing logo colours. TDW did not want any flashy components that would slow down the website, as they are already photo-heavy with the pet pictures.


We linked their website to their client management portal, so that clients could easily log in to their account directly through the website.

Additional pages were created for taking employee applications through the website and also linked to their Indeed ads.

This was a lengthier and more detailed project, but a lot of fun to create. Especially sorting through all the cute puppy photos they have collected over the years!

You can view screenshots of this project on the right, or directly on their website at