Toronto Dog Walks: Sales Page and Facebook Ads

Type of Project

sales page copy and facebook ads

Toronto Dog Walks is a local dog walking and pet care company in Toronto, Canada. They offer a variety of dog walking and pet care services, including individual and group dog walks.

They were seeing a fair amout of traffic to their website. Their concern was very specific: they were getting sales evenly across their pet care programs, but wanted to direct more interest specifically to their group walks program, as it is their most lucrative service offer.

Our task was to build an advertising campain using Facebook ads and a sales page to drive new leads to the company’s group walk program. This project was a great success for Toronto Dog Walks, as they signed up 23 new clients in the first month. They continue to use this sales page and banner as part of their overall marketing campaign.

You can view a sample of our work below, or live on their website.

Toronto dog walks