Farm Fresh:
Full Website Content and Web Design

Type of Project

wordpress website

Farm Fresh is a small family farm located in Ontario, Canada. They reached out to request a small website build, along with content.


First and foremost, Farm Fresh needed their brand identity re-worked. They had worked with a web designer previously but were not getting the results they wanted and didn’t feel they were represented by their old website and website copy.

Their website content had been written haphazardly and didn’t represent their brand or vision. It had been written by several people and each page was clearly disconnected from the others.

They needed their entire website and content re-made from scratch.


We created a brand new website for Farm Fresh, along with new content, images and design elements that fit well with the brand identity we decided on.

Their website and content needed to match their company brand:

  • traditional values
  • back-to-nature
  • clean
  • health-conscious

We built a website design with images and elements that represent their brand, and added real content to connect to their local customers, people who come from their own neighbourhood to buy fresh, healthy meat every week.

To further solidify their brand, we are currently writing a beginner series of blog entries about farm life and the adventures of the Farm Fresh family on their land.