Toronto Editing and Proofreading

Don’t publish your content without a second set of experienced eyes

What’s the point of working hard to bring strong copy to your clients if it’s not polished and perfect? Copy without direction and full of lingering typos or grammatical errors won’t make the cut.

Even the best writers need
a helping hand

demonstrate professionalism with content that doesn’t disappoint

A second set of trained eyes is invaluable when you’re in the final stage of publishing copy you’ve worked hard on or paid good money for. Yes, content is essential, but even when it’s stellar, it’s the final product you will be judged on.

I’ll make sure your hard-earned clients are not turned away by improper punctuation, writing inconsistencies, and other minor errors.

Your clients will be impressed and stick around for more.

And that’s what you were hoping for in the first place, right?

Let’s take your content from finished

to fabulous

without credibility, it’s impossible to build solid relationships with your audience

What you get when you hire me:

Over a decade of experience editing and proofreading.

– Grammatically correct final text, typo-free

– Both line and copy editing, addressing both surface and core features of writing

– Copy editing and proofreading to various standards (Canadian, American, British/NZ/Australian)

– Fast delivery

What does an editor and proofreader do?

The editing and proofreading process works well in tandem, and although it can be done by different people, it ofen comes as a package. After all, when you’re looking for the best outcome in your copy, you want to address all the issues that can take the focus and attention off your message.

An editor smoothes over the overall content and message, guiding the text along a discernible path, and making sure it communicates a strong and clear message. The editor strengthens the language and the overall flow of the writing.

A proofreader, on the other hand, is the top-level, painstakingly thorough critic. He combs over the text with a fine-toothed… well… keyboard, these days… ridding it of errors in spelling, grammar, typography, syntax, punctuation and language. The proofreader is the last step before a text is published and thus his role is of critical importance.

who can benefit

from proofreading and editing services


Contrary to what you may have heard, writers are not editors and editors are not writers. It would be ideal if they were, but each task requires a different skillset. You don’t need to slow down your creative flow worrying about gramatical errors, syntax, formatting or typos. That’s what I’m here for. You do what you do best, and I’ll make sure the end result shines.

entrepreneurs & individuals

You’re an individual who needs to sound polished and professional. I’ll work with you to produce high quality materials for your solo business or persoal needs. I can help edit and proofread letters, emails, resumes, applications and other personal documents.

corporate & business clients

Whether I’m building a style guide from scratch, or adhering to one you already have, I’ll create content that is in line with your objectives. I can help put the final touches on white papers, manuals, e-books, marketing materials and other business documents.

non-english natives

When you need to sound like a native English speaker, but are lacking the nuances of the language. I’ll help your text communicate your message clearly and smothly in English to ensure absolute fluency and accuracy.

What people are saying about me

“Madalina is simply easy to work with. From our first email exchange, she made the entire experience straightforward and clear. She has the ability to see the entire picture and create copy that drives your company goals directly to the end result.

My business exploded and I was able to add half a dozen contractors to my team in the span of two months. I am still getting massive returns on this investment.”

– Janice Romelo, Small Business Owner

“I cannot thank you enough for infusing my website with the sharp, witty content that is drawing new clients to my online courses every day.”

– Elena Donne, Health Coach

“Madalina was an incredible help in narrowing down my brand voice and the message I wanted my website to convey. After that, my sales rose to a different level.”

– Thomas Khorris, Etsy Shop Owner and Jeweller


Are you ready to put the finishing touches on your copy, or looking to find out more about my availability?

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