Experienced Direct Response Copywriter in Toronto

turning your company’s offer into marketing gold

Content that doesn’t serve the bottom line doesn’t amount to much.

Direct Response Copywriting is no longer relegated to TV ads and unwanted flyers. Still, it is the basis of modern-day copywriting that incites and sells.

what can direct response copywriting do for your business?

Direct response copy results in action.

It gets your customers to:

make a purchase

download a freebie or trial offer

sign up for your newsletter

follow you on social media

What do all of these actions have in common?

your bottom-line goal:

They lead your customer to a sale.

Whether you’re selling a product, a service, subscriptions to your weekly newsletter, or tickets to your grandma’s annual crocheting contest, direct-response copy has the same objective.

To sell, and to sell as quickly as possible.

The best direct-response copy is copy that sells!

so how do I do this

Direct Response Marketing Magic

First, I study your customer and market

To understand how to sell your product or service, I need to understand your offer down to the gritty details. I conduct customer interviews, review previous marketing attempts, speak to company employees, and research your industry.

Then, I study your audience

I analyze your buyer persona or create it from scratch. I investigate your buyers’ pain points, concerns, questions, emotional triggers and demographics.

Only once I understand your buyer can I create powerful copy that connects directly to their emotions and needs.

I write, edit, revise, write edit, revise

I make sure the final copy matches the goals of the project and your brand guidelines. Our finished piece needs to flow smoothly and logically, like a compelling story that keeps you hooked until the end.

What types of direct response content
do I write?

Landing pages

Sales pages

Email marketing


Social media posts

Email newsletters

Flyers & brochures

Product descriptions

Blog content

What people are saying about me

“Madalina is simply easy to work with. From our first email exchange, she made the entire experience straightforward and clear. She has the ability to see the entire picture and create copy that drives your company goals directly to the end result.

My business exploded and I was able to add half a dozen contractors to my team in the span of two months. I am still getting massive returns on this investment.”

– Janice Romelo, Small Business Owner

“I cannot thank you enough for infusing my website with the sharp, witty content that is drawing new clients to my online courses every day.”

– Elena Donne, Health Coach

“Madalina was an incredible help in narrowing down my brand voice and the message I wanted my website to convey. After that, my sales rose to a different level.”

– Thomas Khorris, Etsy Shop Owner and Jeweller


Are you ready to start your copywriting or web design project, or looking to find out more about my availability?

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