About Proof and Type – Madalina Podgorean, Toronto Copywriter and Content Writer

Why choose me as your copywriter?

I have over a decade of experience writing content and designing websites that are tailored to convert, and SEO-driven

After having run several businesses myself, I understand the entire marketing and sales process from start to finish

I graduated with an advanced Business Diploma from George Brown College, and afterwards went on to study at York University, where I earned a BA in English

I am relentless. I know what it takes for a business to succeed, and I will work for your success as hard as I’ve worked for mine

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I’m Madalina.

I’ve been writing, reading, curating and devouring information since my earliest memories. What I remember most distinctly about growing up is my parent’s wall-to-wall bookcase. This tall, intimidating piece of my childhood housed my most prized possessions, my books.

I started with my dad’s gruesome series of war novels and a beautifully bound set of white Jules Verne classics. From there I methodically tackled the bookcase until I had read through everything my young brain could digest. This early experience set me on a path I haven’t veered from since.

Reading, writing, sorting and categorizing information and the expression of life on paper is both a compulsion and a passion for me. It’s the built-in shelf that came with your grandmother’s house, the one fused into the structural foundation that holds the entire house together. It cannot be discarded.

I write and create because I have to.

When I’m not writing, I’m clearly hanging out with my cats. Or dogs. Or both. Whatever makes them happy.

What’s it like working with you?


My process of discovery is simple and straight-forward.

Discovery Call and Agreement

Research and Preparation

Writing or Design

Revising and Testing

Finish Line!

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about proof & Type

I’m Madalina. A copywriter, content marketing maven, web designer and branding specialist. I have been helping businesses and entrepreneurs hone their brand game since 2016.

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