You want engaging and relevant copy and design that works 24/7.

Your business doesn’t need more lukewarm copy and lacklustre style that fills up the space, but makes no sales.

Hi! I’m Madalina, a freelancer with over 10 years of experience in website design and content creation.

I am both the fire and fuel behind proof & type. this is my passion.

The most powerful copy, design & marketing strategies are at your disposal

You need copy and design that can buckle down and sell, not just Monday mornings when it feels eager, but all day, every day.

You need an engaging and persuasive website that doesn’t give up easily, your own relentless and unyielding salesforce.

Good thing you found me, because this is where I excel!

Relieving Your Burden

The problem with running your own business is that you never seem to find time for all the work piling up on your to-do-list.

You rush from task to task, telling yourself that blog entry or the about page you’ve been working on for the last three weeks will finally make it to the top of your priority list.

Then that day never comes.

You shouldn’t be expected to do everything yourself!
  • Still trying to figure out your brand message and what your company stands for?
  • Dumping too much of your hard earned profit back into Google or Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website?
  • Finding it difficult to hire and keep writers who deliver consistent content and results?
  • Struggling to find the time it takes to maintain a regular blogging schedule?

Stop agonizing over your website, your message, your content, and a slew of other technical details you don’t have the time to figure out.

Get back to the task of running your business, the thing you are actually passionate about.

Now imagine the future of your business if…

I take these tasks out of your hands entirely and provide you with website content and designs that:

Put your brand into words

Draw your customers into immediate action

Create a connection with your target audience

Move your website to the first page of Google for your chosen keywords

Are entirely managed and published by ME

Drive results (Convert like crazy!)

What I Do Best

My specialty is creating content and website designs that help your business thrive online.


Copy that connects you to your clients and fully embodies your brand and vision. Rich, clear and effective.

Some copywriters focus on conversions, some focus on representing your brand. I live in that happy place right in the middle. That’s where the magic happens.

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I build functional (and beautiful) websites that make you proud to have your clients see. Logo creation, colour scheme, everything is thought out and done for you.

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In a sea of information, distinguish yourself with evergreen blog content that informs, educates and serves your business goals.

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We’ll make a great team if you are looking for:

A Hands-Off Approach

You understand the value of excellent content and design to your business. You know what you want, and you need an experienced freelancer to get it done.

Sharper Clarity

You have a clear offer for your product or service, and need the world to see what you see. You need me to bring it all into focus for your ideal audience.

Higher SEO Rankings + Traffic

Your website is lagging on pages of Google that no one ever reads. You need more traffic to be able to generate sales.


Everything I do, I do with the end result in mind: conversions + sales. After all, this is why you’re in business.

What people are saying about me

“Madalina is simply easy to work with. From our first email exchange, she made the entire experience straightforward and clear. She has the ability to see the entire picture and create copy that drives your company goals directly to the end result.

My business exploded and I was able to add half a dozen contractors to my team in the span of two months. I am still getting massive returns on this investment.”

– Janice Romelo, Small Business Owner

“I cannot thank you enough for infusing my website with the sharp, witty content that is drawing new clients to my online courses every day.”

– Elena Donne, Health Coach

“Madalina was an incredible help in narrowing down my brand voice and the message I wanted my website to convey.”

– Thomas Khorris, Etsy Shop Owner and Jeweller


Are you ready to start your copywriting or web design project, or looking to find our more about my availability?

Proof & Type